Jim Avera's Web Pages

How to make Mailing Labels from an Open/Libre Office Spreadsheet

NoMachine Wake-On-Lan over the Internet !

WoL Utility

Grapically or Textually Compare PDF files (Linux command line tool)

Unicode diagram/box drawing characters

Download Bike Gear Calculator spreadsheet (calculates Gear-Inches, Meters Development, Gain Ratio, or MPH/KPH from RPM).

Drilling Ikea Farmhouse Sink for Dishwasher Airgap

Some Perl utilities

DeLonghi EC155 Disassembly Adventure (and schematic)

A general-purpose super-parallel command-line downloader

apt-fast : Parallel download wrapper for apt-get (son of apt-fast.sh)

Quaker stuff

Cleantech Stocks



Generate encrypted password

php info

OpenBadge for helping with LibreOffice QAI